Cayuga Church Restoration Benefit Concert

October 9, 1999 - 7:00pm at the church

Over the years, the weather and termites have become major threats to the overall condition of the church. In order to help preserve the church for Sunday worship and the enjoyment of all, an exciting, fun benefit concert has been setup to raise money for the repair of the steeple, roof and the related termite damage. The estimated cost of repairs is $5,000, and will be a great start towards the restoration of this historic church.

For only $15, you will have the privilege of hearing Patti Beth Abbot and Terry Jordan, Janna Jae, Joann Rust, and Tory Tipp. This is a great buy! Pie and coffee will be available for $2.00, T-Shirts are $10.00, and fans $1.50. Additional donations are also be accepted. According to Dorothy, we have already had some donations, so we are "on a roll"!

The benefit concert and ongoing contributions have been a success! Many THANKS to all who helped and continue to help today!!

A full house for activities

Great pies were available